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Why do I spell it 'wholistic' instead of 'holistic'? I prefer the original variant of wholistic because of its emphasis that we are taking into consideration the whole body or person. My goal is skincare that is in harmony with nature and the whole human being.

The skin serves to protect your body and is the largest single organ of your body. It works with your lungs and kidneys to eliminate waste products and toxins and is a reflection of your overall health and well-being.

When you take care of your skin, you not only look better, your skin functions better and you feel better. When skin is prevented from functioning naturally, the symptoms are all too familiar: dryness, sensitivity, acne, oilyness, rosacea, and even premature aging.

As a licensed and certified Dr. Hauschka Esthetician, I adhere to the philosophy of "healing" the skin by re-establishing and retaining harmony in your skin's own natural functions, allowing it to restore its own health. I don't treat the symptom–I treat your skin.

About Wanda

Ever since I can remember I had a fascination and desire for cosmetics. I remember running to the nearest drugstore or Murphyʼs Department Store to buy the next skincare or makeup item on my list. As I grew older, I started making my own products.

I was born to be an aesthetician. My paternal grandmother was a healer in a small village in Poland: she healed people's skin ailments. Iʼm told there were days when there was a queue leading to her door. My maternal grandmother raised seven children without a single visit to the doctor: she used herbs as medicine.

Iʼve studied Esthetics in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Canada and Germany. My niche is to maintain an “authentic” wholistic facial treatment. Iʼm now in my fifties and Iʼm humbled by the changes to my face. Iʼm sincerely grateful that I took care of my skin and my health. I invite you to share in my wisdom. I promise to help your skin look its healthiest. We need to reclaim our maturity as a victory, not fall victim to our cultureʼs shallow standards of beauty.

— Wanda Bogacz, Licensed Certified Aesthetician

Wanda Bogacz
Signature Treatments


The Dr. Hauschka facial was developed by an esthetician and a physician working together, with a philosophy of healing: to stimulate the skin to function in a balanced way thus restoring its own health. This treatment stands apart from others, as it addresses the physical, spiritual and mental planes.

Winner of 2006 Best of Rhode Island - "Best Inside-Out Facial"
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Signature Treatments


An enzyme peel is a safe, natural facial treatment that exfoliates the top, dead layer of skin, eliminating signs of aging and skin imperfections. Treatments are performed over 4 to 6 visits, once a week, only in the autumn or spring. Get glowing, visible results with absolutely no need to "hide-out" after the peels: minimal redness and flaking!

Winner of 2015 Best of Rhode Island - "Best Natural Enzyme Peels"
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Natural Cosmetics RI
Skincare Consultation


A love of nature, color and beauty has evolved into a passion for makeup artistry as well. Trained in Dr. Hauschka Decorative Cosmetics as well as enhancement methods, I offer makeup lessons and wedding services for my clients. I use pure mineral makeup to complement the beauty of my customers; utilizing products with clean and pure ingredients that won’t harm the skin or health of my client is most important to me as a wholistic practitioner.

Winner of 2010 Best of Rhode Island - "Best Eyebrow Shaping"
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Rhode Island Magazine 2006

Best Inside-Out Facial

"Bogacz is one of the few and the proud: there are only 200 licensed Dr. Hauschka aestheticians in the country. This German skincare line uses medicinal plants and flowers grown on biodynamic farms in Europe. To stimulate the lymphatic system and eliminate toxins that can make the face puffy, Bogacz massages and presses the products in a certain pattern, which is easy to duplicate with the generous samples she gives. She is a fount of knowledge about homeopathy and diet changes to improve your skin. At forty-five years old with the skin of someone half her age, this Polish-born purist is an inspiration. You'll walk out swearing off caffeine, cheese and chocolate."

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Best Facial RI

Rhode Island Magazine 2010

Best Eyebrow Shaping

"If brows are punctuation for the face, a cookie-cutter pair is poor grammar. Wanda Bogacz designs uniquely flattering arches for each client. During a $75 hour-long consultation, she studies the face to determine its shape, mapping the coordinates on graph paper to plot thickness, length, and where the arch should begin. Then she tweezes instead of waxing, for a more sculpted look. The result is a beautiful statement."

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Best Eyebrow Shaping RI

Rhode Island Magazine 2015

Best Natural Enzyme Peels

"Some peels leave a burn victim effect, but there’s no downtime with AgeLess Skincare’s fruit-based treatments. With pomegranate, passion fruit and other antioxidant-rich enzymes, they boost cell turnover by exfoliating the top layer of skin and stimulating collagen growth. The series of four to six facials is best done in autumn or spring."

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Best Enzyme Peels RI